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2023 Late Spring Release!

The relationship with your earthly father has affected you more than you can possibly realize. And now it's affecting all that you do, for better or for worse.

The Father Wound...and Beyond will help you discover the battles within your heart, and what you can do to live life to the fullest!  


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Bob Allen Kroll

Bob is a nationally-known speaker and founder of With All Your Heart Institute, an apostolate that focuses on making others aware of how emotional wounds from the past affect our lives and our relationships, and methods for healing these wounds. He has received training through the John Paul II Healing Center, Elijah House Prayer Ministry, and has studied master’s level theology at Augustine Institute. 

Bob enjoys reading, home building construction, coaching football and baseball, and early 80’s pop music. Bob and his wife, Christine, live in Wisconsin and have four boys.


With All Your Heart Institute  
Bob Kroll, Founder

In our day, good men have lost the ability and will to fight. As little boys, most of us have been wounded deeply, usually from a parent, and especially from a father. A sword has pierced our hearts and we live lives of quiet desperation. When a soldier is wounded, he is taken out of the battle, no longer able to fight. With few good men to fight, we are losing the battle against the Enemy. Bob Kroll wants to change that. He wants to equip men to be healed of their wounds. He wants to encourage men to enter the Adventure of a Lifetime by fighting for The King, Jesus Christ, and His commander, the Blessed Virgin Mary, alongside the Terror of Demons, St. Joseph. Come, join in this adventure, where you will fulfill the purpose in which God the Father has destined for you from all eternity!

-- "Be strong and let your heart take courage..."  Psalm 31:24

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With All Your Heart Podcast!

"...the Lord your God is testing you to find out if you love...with all your heart..."

Deut 13:3


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