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You have a father wound, and it's ruining your relationships.


As a child, you were abused or neglected by your father, and now: 

with your spouse, there is - 

  • arguing

  • lack of trust

  • poor communication

  • boredom

  • misunderstanding

  • frustrated romance

with your children, there is - 

  • disobedience

  • lack of respect

  • complaining

  • your anger or indifference towards them

with yourself, there is -

  • financial problems

  • alcohol, drug, porn, and other addictions

  • loneliness

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • hopelessness


Change your life forever, live life to the fullest, and never look back!

The Father Wound...and Beyond: Confronting and Healing the Greatest Wound of All

by Catholic Speaker and Author, Bob Allen Kroll

Foreword by Dr. Bob Schuchts, Founder of the John Paul II Healing Center

Meet Bob Allen Kroll

Founder of With All Your Heart Institute

Bob is a nationally-known speaker and founder of With All Your Heart Institute, an apostolate that focuses on making others aware of how emotional wounds from the past affect our lives and our relationships, and methods for healing these wounds. He has received training through the John Paul II Healing Center, Elijah House Prayer Ministry, and has studied master’s level theology at Augustine Institute. 

Bob enjoys reading, home building construction, coaching football and baseball, and early 80’s pop music. Bob and his wife, Christine, live in Wisconsin and have four boys.


Powerful! Energetic! Inspiring! 

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Bob Allen Kroll


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