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"...when you seek Me with all your heart,

you will find Me..."


"The emotional wounds that we carry are creating stress in our lives and we don't even know it. But with God's help, we can be healed from these wounds."

--Bob Kroll, speaker


Jer 29:13

Meet Bob Kroll!

Bob was raised Catholic in central Wisconsin, the oldest of nine children. He has a degree in business, is an entrepreneur and is currently studying for a Master of Theology with the Augustine Institute. He and his wife, Christine, live in Neenah, Wisconsin and have four boys. Bob speaks about the incredible importance of fatherhood and offers audiences his most powerful talk:

The Father Wound...and Beyond  

The Father Wound...

...and Beyond


As a child, Bob was raised in an abusive and alcoholic home, and his relationship with his father was anything but ideal. Then, at the age of forty-three, a trip to Florida for a men's retreat changed everything. Bob will share his story with you and change your perspective on relationships and life. You will laugh, maybe cry, but you will be forever changed. 


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The affect a father has on his child is astounding. When a father abandons his duty to protect and nurture his child, the results are devastating. We are living in times where we are feeling the effects of a fatherless society. Bob will explain what a child needs from a father, how we may have been affected by our own father, how experiences from our childhood affect our current relationships, and the key to overcoming hurts from our past. But there is more! He will also explain what can be done to be a better parent to our children and how God the Father loves us as His children. The presentation is powerful for both men and women. Bob will instill hope for healing and a more joy-filled life! You will not want to miss

The Father Wound...and Beyond!

The IMPACT of a Father

"The world needs to hear what you have to say."

-- Elizabeth, Franklin, MN

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